The games scheduled for tonight have been canceled. They have been rescheduled for next Monday, December 17th. Please use December 10th scheduled games and times for next week. This will be the last week of the Fall Basketball League. Thanks

Fall Basketball League Monday December 10, 2018

5:30 Court 1 Hot Shots vs Red Crush k-2nd

5:30 Court 2 Left Beaver vs Warriors k-2nd

5:30 Court 3 Dragons vs Left Beaver 5-6 Girls

5:30 Court 4 Wolf’s vs Comets 3-4 Girls

5:30 Court 5 Lady Lions vs Lady Wildcats 7-8 Girls

6:30 Court 1 Warriors vs Red Crush k-2nd

6:30 Court 2 Chameleons vs Bulldogs 3-4 Girls

6:30 Court 3 Left Beaver vs Wolf’s 3-4 Girls

6:30 Court 4 Left Beaver vs Bulldogs 3-4 Boys

6:30 Court 5 Lady Patriots vs Lady Wildcats 5-6 Girls

7:30 Court 1 Bulldogs vs Perry Elite 3-4 Girls

7:30 Court 2 Comets vs Lady Pirates 3-4 Girls

7:30 Court 3 Left Beaver vs Lady Patriots 5-6 Girls

7:30 Court 4 Ballers vs Bulldogs 3-4 Boys

7:30 Court 5 Dragons vs Lady Pirates 5-6 Girls

8:30 Court 1

8:30 Court 2 Chameleons vs Perry Elite 3-4 Girls

8:30 Court 3 Lady Pirates vs Left Beaver 3-4 Girls

8:30 Court 4  Left Beaver vs Ballers 3-4 Boys

8:30 Court 5 Lady Wildcats vs Lady Pirates 5-6 Girls


The 2018 Fall Basketball League will start the week of November 5th. Divisions will be k-2nd unisex, 3rd-4th boys, 3rd-4th Girls, 5th– 6th boys, 5th-6th girls, 7th-8th boys and 7th-8th girls. Cost will be $10.00 per child. The last day to register your team is November 1, 2018 by 12:00 p.m.

New Rules starting this league:

All games will be played on Monday or Tuesday. If you need to cancel, you must notify the Sportsplex by 3:00 p.m. the proceeding Friday or there will be a $30.00 forfeit fee that must be paid before you are placed back on the schedule. No exceptions
No refunds will be given.

To sign up for the fall league contact, Brock Amburgey (606) 497-8727.