Adult Basketball League Rules

  • All games will feature two (2) 20 minute halves with a running clock. Each team gets two 45 second timeouts per half that do not carry over. Halftime is 4 minutes. The clock will stop on injuries, timeouts, and dead balls in the last minute of each half. Overtimes will be 3 minutes and each team will receive 1 additional timeout. After 2 overtime periods, a third overtime will be played in a sudden death format (only in the regular season).
  • Players must be at least 17 years of age to play and have a parent’s written permission if under 18 .  Every player on a team must have the same color jersey/shirt as the rest of their team. Each player must have a number on their jersey that is different than any other player on their team. THERE SHALL BE NO TAPE NOR SHARPIES USED TO MAKE NUMBERS.  EACH JERSEY/SHIRT MUST HAVE A REAL NUMBER ON THE FRONT AND/OR BACK. Each player’s name and number must be in the scorebook before the game starts. Blank jerseys will not be accepted as the number zero. Each number may not be more than 2 numerals. ( Ex. # 120 is not acceptable) Failure to meet these requirements will result in a technical foul to the team for each offense.
  • All team personnel on the bench must be in uniform, in the scorebook, and their name must appear on your roster form. Violations will result in a technical foul to the team’s bench and removal of the offending person(s) from the bench.
  • Teams must have 4 players present and on the floor to start a game when the buzzer sounds. If they do not have 4 players it is a forfeit. If the team is expecting a 5th player late, the player must be in the scorebook prior to the start of the game or it will be a 1 shot technical foul with possession of the ball going to the opposing team. In case of a forfeit the teams may use the floor until 10 minutes before the start of the next scheduled game.
  • Complaints to the league director about officiating during a game by any team member (including team captain) are grounds for a technical foul and ejection from the game. This includes timeouts and halftimes. Any complaints must be made in a respectable manner by the team captain to the league director AFTER the game is over. The league director will not accept, nor listen to complaints from fans, wives, girlfriends, parents, or kids and such complaints will result in an automatic dismissal from the building and are also subject to a technical foul being assessed to your team.
  • Any player receiving 2 technical fouls in a game will be ejected from that game and suspended for the next TWO games., “I forgot” will not be an acceptable excuse for trying to play in the next game after being ejected the previous week. If it is reported or the league director observes a player who was ejected from a game the previous week on the floor, the game will be halted immediately and a forfeit will be assessed.
  • Any player ejected from 3 games in the season will be removed from the league and may receive a suspension for future leagues. Any team that receives 3 direct technical fouls will have their game ruled a forfeit and forfeit the next week’s game. After a team has had 2 games ruled a forfeit because of 3 direct technical fouls, that team will be removed from the league with no refund. This rule can cost teams a number one seed and more favorable tournament positions. We strongly suggest you to pay attention to this rule. It will be enforced. Please remove any player from your team that could cost you a game because of behavior problems.
  • Fighting, threats and harassment towards Sportsplex employees (staff, referees, or scorekeepers) are considered serious offenses and charges will be filed with the Kentucky State Police. The league director will have full authority in deciding the length of suspensions on a case by case basis and said decision is final. There are no appeals. Past precedence/behavioral history will have weight in the decision making process.
  • Fighting between 2 players on the floor will result in the immediate ejection of the players involved. At any time if the fighting escalates to more than the 2 people involved, the game will be called with both teams being assessed a forfeit. If a fight happens on the floor, any person that comes onto the playing floor that was not already in the game will be subjected to being banned from the facility until the next men‘s league. Any fan that goes onto the floor during a physical altercation will be banned from the Sportsplex for 1 year, there will be no exceptions. Fighting, regardless of circumstances, will not be tolerated.
  • Rosters and payments must be completed at your first game. You may add players until the third game has started. After that, no player may be added to any team. If your team can not pay the entry fee before the first game starts, your team will be replaced by one on the waiting list and you will not get to play that game. Each player on your team’s roster must play a minimum of 5 games during the regular season in order to be eligible for the tournament. Every game that an ineligible player plays in will be forfeited, including tournaments.
  • All decisions of the league director are final. All decisions are for the good of the League.
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