2018 Winter Basketball League

Winter League will start Jan.22 To enter team Contact Brock Amburgey at (606)497-8727

Coaches, here is week 7 schedule for the winter basketball league. We currently have 70 teams signed up to play in this league! With this many teams scheduling is very difficult and very challenging. We’ll work our best to be fair to each and every team. Some weeks you will get two games and other weeks you’ll just receive one. Again we’ll try our best to accommodate each and every team. And please show up and play each and every game that you’re scheduled to play. When you don’t show it’s other children that our loosing the opportunity to play. Lastly I would like to remind each coach, player and parent of sportsmanship. Any other acts WILL NOT BE TOLERATED at the Knott County Sportsplex. This is EVERYONE’S FIRST AND FINAL WARNING! Referees are going to miss calls, Players are going to miss shots, and that’s part of the game of Basketball! The tournament for this league will being on March 12th. Thanks

Monday 3-5-18

5:30 – Hill Toppers 1 vs. Flash (k-2) Court 1

5:30 -Beaver Creek vs. Hill Toppers 2  (k-2) Court 2

5:30 – East Ky. Thunder vs. Spartans  (k-2) Court 3

5:30 -Hawks vs. Legion of Doom  (k-2) Court 4

5:30 – Warriors vs. Tigers (k-2) Court 5

6:30 – Thunder vs. Crusaders  (k-2) Court 1

6:30 -West Perry vs Savage  (k-2) Court 2

6:30 – Flash vs. Beaver Creek  (K-2) Court 3

6:30 – Screaming Eagles vs. Destructive Diva’s  (5-6 Girls) Court 4

6:30 – Owsley Co. Storm vs Betsy Lane Lady Cats (5-6 Girls) Court 5

7:30 -Savage vs. Spartans  (k-2) Court 1

7:30 – East Ky. Thunder vs. Warriors  (K-2) Court 2

7:30 – Legion of Doom vs. Crusaders  (K-2) Court 3

7:30 – Owsley Co. Storm vs. Destructive Diva’s  (5-6 Girls) Court 4

7:30 – Storm  vs. Porter Panthers  (3-4 Girls) Court 5

8:30 – Owsley Co. Storm vs. Bulldogs  (3-4 Girls) Court 1

8:30 – Lady Tigers vs. Porter Panthers   (3-4 Girls) Court 2

8:30 -Lady Cats vs. Storm  (3-4 Girls) Court 3

8:30 – Lady Wildcats vs. Big Shots  (5-6 Girls) Court 4

8:30 -Lady Dreamers vs. Beaver Creek  (3-4 Girls) Court 5


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