2020 Winter Basketball League

  • The 2020 Winter Basketball League will begin on January 13th. Divisions are K-2(unisex), 3-4 (boys & girls), 5-6 (boys & girls), & 7-8 (boys & girls). We will start taking teams on January 2, 2020.
  • Games will consist of two 15 minute halves with a running clock.
  • The Clock will stop the last minute of each half and during timeouts. Teams will get two 30 sec. timeouts per half.
  • Use timeouts or lose them, they do not carry over from one half to the other.
  • It is mandatory for the home team to keep the book and for the away team to run the clock. NO game will start without this being in place.
  • Team listed first on schedule will be the home team.
  • We also have a $25 forfeit fee. Fee must be paid to the Sportsplex before your team is put back on the schedule.
  • Schedule will be made on Wednesday of each week.
  • Coaches let us know before 4p.m. on Tuesday if your team can’t play the following week.
  • Coaches check with your schools principals or schools calendars for possible conflicts.
  • Cost is $10 per child.
  • Please contact Brock to sign your team up at (606)497-8727.
  • Sign up run from Oct. 8 – Oct. 25.
  • Thanks for making our league a great environment for the youth of Eastern, KY.

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